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"Inimitable, absurdly hilarious"
East Bay Express

"Scott Alexander inhabits the strange twilight between serious social observer, novelty musician and brilliant self-marketer that includes people such as, well... Scott Alexander.”
Wildy’s World

"With it's non-repetitive nature, ['You Could Be A Pervert'} comes off almost like a short-story with a Loudon Wainwright III feel"
The Delete Bin

“His cookies were delicious”
NY Daily News

"Scott Alexander Gets Distracted is modern day folklore by a clever humorist who knows how to make a point and drive it home, which is often done without humor. Listening to this is a valued distraction"
John Book

“Maybe you [haven’t seen] Scott Alexander. . . But you should!”
NY Examiner

"Sounds like he’d be worth catching live, too, and not just because Alexander makes a habit of baking fresh cookies for his audiences."
Cover Lay Down

"Personal, very personal, diary entries he turn[ed] into song where you want to say ‘no, I can’t be listening to this’ but you do."
This is Books Music

“Scott Alexander does not fit into categories”
Baltimore City Paper

Barely any lyric goes by without actually saying something significant or having some kind of multiple layers to it. What benefits Alexander the most is that the message never gets too heavy handed or preachy. In most cases, the words end up being too witty to allow that to happen."

"Singularly personal and weird. . . Frued would have a ball"
East Bay Express

"Alexander creates a casual style that ironically reaches far beyond the flashiest efforts artists employ to breathe new life into worn out chord progressions . . . If there is any justice in the world for us nerds, Scott Alexander will become an important figure in popular music.”

"It’s different"
Hon. Marilyn Milan,
The Peoples Court

"In a world of virtual friendships, Scott Alexander is playing it old school."
NY Post

Other mentions include:
CMJ, MTV, Santa Barbara News-Press, Village Voice, Gothamist, NY Examiner, The Columbia Journalist, Beholders, Candy Penny, and more! + MORE TO COME!

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