Jessica Teague is a good friend and obviously an incredibly talented singer. But it’s not her main gig and thus she does not have a bio, so I am writing one for her.

When I first met her at UCLA (where she earned a degree in American Literature and Culture and Political Science) she struck me as the type of person who might find me terrifying. But as far as I know, she didn’t. Despite the fact that she had not dedicated her life to performance, I quickly discovered that her passion for music was far greater than many musicians I’ve known.

It wasn’t until several years later that I got to hear her sing. I was blown away her brilliant and striking voice that seems to convey so much about what a great person she is.

I’m so glad that she moved to New York, where she is working on a PhD in literature and jazz studies at Columbia University. Despite how much work that is, she manages to be one of the most frequent guests at my live performances and I am so grateful.


Since posting this Jessica's mom has made the following contribution:

"Jessica has been singing since before she could talk..I played Sesame Street cassettes in the car as it was all I could find to keep her from having a fit...She HATED her carseat!"