Who is this  Cookie man?

Hi, I am the cookie man. You can also call me Scott.

I have this hobby where I go out at random times and locations, sit on an inflatable couch, and offer people homemade vegan cookies.

“Free Cookies” is not really about cookies.
It’s not about selling things, religion, or politics.
I don’t think of it as an art project, or a social experiment.
It's not a trick or a trap.

It’s really just a great way to meet people and get popular.

Meeting people is a great way to do just about everything: making friends, finding a job, finding a good mechanic, discovering new artists and events, even realizing a dream of becoming a successful musician.

This has been a great way to meet so many people. It allows me the opportunity to offer as much attention to others as I seek for myself.

Also, I make really good cookies.

It's really that simple!

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